September 1, 2016 - 1st Thursday Art Galleries & Studios

Start your First Thursday off at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles Brouwerij West (Warehouse No 10, 112 E. 22nd St.) and the market both open at 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

You can leave your car and ride the FREE Red Trolley to and around Downtown to make sure you see all the sites. The trolley will run about every 15 minutes from 4 to 10 p.m. You can pick up your car until 10 p.m. or the next day. Every First Thursday is a new and fun experience, so come down and join us!

Loft 2 Studio:
Jayn Rosenquist
Meeson Pae Yang
Angelica Sotiriou
401 S. Mesa St. at 4th. St., 2nd Floor

The Loft Galleries
401 S. Mesa St. at 4th St., 3rd Floor 310-831-5757
"The Colors Within" Lore Eckelberry, Beeanie Kaman, Won Sil Kim, Da Aie Ann Fong, Michael Freitas Wood
SBC Studio:Hagop Najarian "Staying in Tune"

Loft 3 Studios
Studios of Sam Arno, Candice Gawne, Carol Hungerford, Moni Olguin, Annemarie Rawlinson, Jill
Smith, Nancy Towne-Schultz, Ben Zask and Peggy Zask

South Bay Contemporary
401 S. Mesa St. at 4th St., at the Loft, 3rd Floor 310-429 0973
Main Gallery: "POST WASTE: Sustainable Art"
Dosshaus (Zoey Taylor and David Connelly), Dawn Ertl, Mitra Fabian, Tina Linville, Cynthia Minet, Lena Wolek, Tracey Weiss
SBC Studio:"Drawing Inferences" Nicholette Kominos - Mixed media

Vintage 47 Amps
315 West 6th St. 213-309-1312
Michael Petroni,Owen Tirre,Ben Ask and Phyllis Ferrara

Gallery 381 & Annie Appel
381 West 6th St. 310-809-5082
Annie Appel Photography Studio

Machine Gallery
387 West 6th St. 323-644-8200
Mike Machin Studio

Nu-Da Juice Shop
407 W. 6th Street 323-769-9713
Patricia Multimedia "Dreamcatchers"

Mike Rivero Studio
414 West 6th St. 310-720-3407

Angel's Gate Pop-up Gallery
Frank Minuto, Frank Rodriguez, Joyce Weiss and Nguyen Le
415 West 6th St. 310-519-0936

Marylyn & Chuck Klaus Center for the Arts
430 West 6th St. 310-303-7307
Stuart Hamilton, Jesse Small, Harrison Storms "Beyond Dimensions"

Parkhurst Galleries
439 West 6th St. 310-547-3158
Traditional Painting
"Painting With the Masters" 30 Emerging Artists Exhibit

fINdings Art Center
470 West 6th St. 310-489-1362
Corita Kent Permanent Exhibit
Annette Ciketic, Executive Director
Women's Project 1000 Totes

Arcade Building
479 West 6th St. 310-406-9330
San Pedro Art Association

Grand Emporium
323 West 7th St. 310-514-8429
Serigraphs John Swanson

huZ galleries "Musicians"
341 West 7th St. - 310-428-0275
Peter Fifen, Photography

Studio 343, J. J. Geary
343 West 7th St. - 310-600-8881
Painting Studio

Studio 345
345 West 7th St. 310-374-8055
Gloria Lee, and Pat Woolley
Works on Canvas, Paper, Books, Scarves.

Michael Stearns Studio 347 "Shipping Out"
347 West 7th St. 562-400-0544
Gil Mares Photography

Allyson Vought
356 West 7th St. 424-210-7475

Human Array Gallery
357 West 7th St. 408-857-8867

Nancy Crawford
360 West 7th St. 310-732-7922
Painting Studio

Jim Harter
362 West 7th St. 562-810-1153
Paintings, Print Studio

Paul Turang
364 West 7th St. 310-547-9771
Architectural Photography

Menduina Schneider Art Gallery
"International Salon of Drawing" Argentina, Cuba, El Salvador, Uruguay, USA
366 West 7th St. 310-541-4354

Dale Youngman Projects Pop-Up Gallery
367 West 7th St. 213-458-3735
Clara Berta - Mixed Media Artist
Shana Koenig - Illuminated Light Sculptures

Lin Lin Hu, Painting - Acrylic
368 W 7th St. 310-684-49381

Fabian Rodriguez, Mixed Media
370 W 7th St. 310-684-49381

Richard Lopez, Paintings
Trina Lopez Jenkins, Assemblage
372 West 7th St. 562-438-4938

James Porschen
372 West 7th St. 310-738-0596

Cherry Wood
Fotoluz Lamps/Richard Parker
374 W. 7th St. 213-840-5717

Yoon Jin Kim
374 West 7th St. 310-514-2143
Painting Studio

Guillaume Zuili
378 West 7th St. 310-717-9202

Julia Strickler
376 West 7th St. 310-908-3824
Painting Oil "Black & White & Buterflies"

Fabian Rodriguez
370 West 7th St.

382 West 7th St. 310-514-8881
Bronze, Stone & Ceramics

San Pedro Chamber Board Room Gallery
390 West 7th St. 310-832-7272
Nancy Rodenhurst & Pat Brudnicki "It Took 70 Years to Get This Far"

Shalla Javid Studio
407 West 7th St. Unit 119 A 310-623-0989

Scott Boren
412 West 7th St. 310-935-2504
Glass Artists

Yong Sin
414 West 7th St. 310-221-0283
Painting Studio

Gallery 478
478 West 7th St. 310-732-2150
Neil Nagy "An Introspective"

Croatian Cultural Center
510 West 7th St. 310-406-9330
Group show by members of the San Pedro Art Association

Gallery Azul
520 West 8th Street - 562-225-8535
Ray Vasquez & Mark Metzner "For the Love of Guitar"

Pacific Avenue Arts Colony "Triangle Tribe"
303 S. Pacific Ave 818-438-9403
Miriam Jackson, Courtney Martinez, Lynn Azali

Norm Looney
318 S. Pacific Ave. 310-548-6293

Transvagrant at Warschaw Gallery
600 S. Pacific Ave 310-547-3606
Neil Nagy "An Introspective"

Roam Studio & Gallery
731 S. Pacific Ave. 310-383-0429
Research, Collaborations & Design

Gallery 741
741 S. Pacific Ave. 310-351-0070
Vintage Film and Furnishings Downstairs Cabaret

Three Sheets Art Space & Workshop
807 S. Pacific Ave. 310-406-9661
Art Space Facilities for Artists

National Watercolor Society
915 S. Pacific Ave. 310-831-1099

Michael Ziegler
1014 S. Pacific Ave. (right next to House 1002 on 10th & S. Pacific) 562-980-2858
Photography Studio

Eric W. Johnson Studio ATE
1924 S. Pacific Ave. 310-521-9592 © Copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved