1st Thursday ArtWalk - San Pedro - April 6, 2017

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Michael Stearns
daVinci, Luck of the Draw acrylic on canvas 40 x 44 Art Galleries & Studios dot the old Downtown San Pedro area. Attend an artist opening reception or watch artists at work.

Restaurants: You're in for a real treat visiting San Pedro's restaurants. The cuisine ranges from English Pub to Mexican Cafes, Mediterranean to Italian, Japanese to California Cuisine, Thai, Organic Raw Vegan Cuisine, Cuban and others.

Shops: Take a walk down memory lane visiting art galleries and shops along 6th and 7th Streets. The "Tivoli Lights" criss crossing the streets makes it feel like you're going to a special party and set the mood for a fun evening.

First Thursday Food Trucks


During the Art Walk in Downtown San Pedro make a stop at the Garden Church (429 6th Street) to enjoy live music from local artists in our urban farm and sanctuary. With picnic tables and lot of seating we are a great stop to enjoy your food truck fare as you explore all the creativity on display.


The First Thursday Artwalk Tour is different every month – new artists in town, galleries with rotating exhibits, and artists that have been part of the Arts District for years. Each month the tour lasts about one hour and visits different artists and galleries, providing an overview and introduction to San Pedro’s lively Arts District. Visitors enjoy interacting with the artists and curators, learning about the artists’ techniques and inspiration.

The tour begins at 6:30 in the Chamber of Commerce Board Room Gallery. “Nuances” is a showing of the artwork of Judith Turner Kunda. Using predominantly subdued colors, Judith Kunda presents sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, abstract compositions. Her paintings are playful, yet restful, with just enough activity to invite us to find and explore new relationships and balances. She is comfortable with her work being hung upside down or sideways, even offers painted six-sided boxes meant to be re-positioned with any side on the bottom and/or facing in any direction. Kunda has made paintings and drawings in her San Pedro studio for over 38 years, taught art at Harbor College for ten years and run its gallery for two.

Mosaic artist Julie Bender creates one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional custom mosaics for residential, community and commercial settings. Her mosaics are artistically derived from a unique combination of hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and glass-infused clay pieces. Julie receives inspiration from colors and movement in both natural and mythical landscapes.

MS Art Gallery will have an opening reception of "Daily Visions", an art exhibit by Aripón, Mónica, an Argentinian Artist. These are images that play tricks on the spectator mind. That trick says this is a photograph, that hyper-realism born out of the bristles of a brush and not out of a camera, and perhaps, on that same trait lies Aripon’s magic. A universe scattered with myriad images deep in our memory, that unopened candy and its promise of an endless sweetness, the glass of milk and the vivid imagination of our childhood with its epic and boundless land, those animals that seem to leap out of the canvas to roam the jungles or prairies of our mind. That’s the legacy of this exquisite painter, a woman that goes beyond a very polished technique to add to her work her unlimited imagination and all its possibilities.

TransVagrant and Gallery 478 present Ann Weber, Sculpture. Ann Weber's organic sculpture is abstract, formally elegant, and composed of inelegant salvaged cardboard. There are abundant hints of figuration and recognizable objects: think chess pieces, balloons, human torsos, plant forms, and graphic ciphers. Bulbous pieces recall Guston's floating, disembodied heads, simultaneously humorous and not. Freestanding works consisting of multiple elements imply relationships and heighten the possibility of narrative readings as the space around and between becomes charged physically and psychologically. Weber's technique is disarmingly direct, referencing Arte Povera's preference for unconventional materials. Found cardboard is cut into strips and stapled over armatures. Freestanding or wall-mounted, her work celebrates the unanticipated in form and facture. © Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved